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Dear Attendees, with this handbook, we’re happy to provide you with one central place containing all the details, dates, locations, technical specs and formalities for your SmashingConf Freiburg. That’s the ultimate source of truth ;-) for everything you could potentially need. Feel free to make comments on this doc if you have any questions! We can’t wait to welcome you in Freiburg!


Welcome to the eighth edition of SmashingConf Freiburg! We’re thrilled to welcome you to this lovely city, and we’ll make sure that you feel truly… well, smashing**,** during your stay. That’s why we prepared some tips and hints to make the most of your experience. So, if you have some free time, you’ll know exactly how to spend it well.

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SmashingConf 2022: The Goal

The main reason SmashingConf exists in the first place is that we believe in sharing and strive to bring people together. This explains the very practical side of Smashing Conferences. It’s a place where professionals like yourself share practical techniques, ideas, strategies, failures, lessons learned, and successes in an informal, intimate atmosphere.

Keeping it personal: No fancy suits, no halls with thousands of people —just practical quality content, delivered by experts working on real-life projects, in an open, welcoming environment. We take pride in our code of conduct, and we don’t tolerate any disrespect. Please be kind and considerate to each other.